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EU-JoinMat project starts with and from the following premises:

  • existing competence in Romania and at the coordinator in the targeted fields
  • experience through national R&D projects both national and EU but with reduced dimensions and visibility
  • existing projects are aimed at actual international research directions:
    • laser beam welding
    • hybrid processes
    • friction stir welding
    • ultrasound welding
    • automation
    • new materials processing (composite materials processing, plasma jet spraying of biocompatible materials, etc.)

...and has the following main objectives:

  • “increasing of international visibility of national R&D activities for the innovative joining technologies of new materials field"
  • We aim the development of international cooperation and promoting partnerships for acceding to the EU programmes in four directions:
    • new technologies and join methods for the micro and nano field
    • new production processes based on modern joining technologies (laser beam welding, hybrid technologies, friction stir welding technologies and alternate joining technologies – e.g. adhesive bonding, etc.)
    • simulation and modelling methods of joining processes
    • specific issues related to joining of new materials (nanostructured and composite materials)

Some of the specific objectives are:

  • coagulate and set the bases for a national competence network for the field of joining technologies
  • create a database with the national R&D competences for the material joining field (following the ERA-Net spirit)
  • interconnect the Romanian competences in the targeted field with the European and international competences
  • focus and correlate the Romanian R&D directions with the EU
  • develop the bilateral existing partnerships
  • develop the regional cooperation
  • identify the similar and complementary R&D directions and prepare EU programme proposals
  • create a national R&D network in the innovative materials joining technologies

... and for accomplishing these, the following specific actions were envised, e.g.:

  • evaluation of the national competences in the targeted field and promoting them
  • organising conferences and workshops
  • scientific personalities visits
  • personnel exchange
  • training session for accessing the EU R&D funds
  • R&D network in the field of innovative joining technologies of new materials

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